We aim to meet academic goals through experiential experiences, where the journey becomes the How? and not in the end, being at the same time a pedagogical tool for the teacher who seeks to provide better academic experiences to his students. 


Your subject happens on the field, not inside the classroom, reach your academic goals through experiential activities that lead to significative learning. Traveling with students leads not only to better teaching, but also to better learning environments.

We team up with teachers, taking care of logistics so they can take care of teaching.
We suggest learning sites and activities to complement the teaching objectives and ensure an effective learning experience

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More then 20 years of experience and over 30,000 students served make us one of the forerunners of educational experiences in Mexico.





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Intimate knowledge of the country from the education stand point afford us the opportunity of suggesting sites and visits for every level and every field of study.

Academic trip categories:

  1. Biology and Earth Sciences

  2. Business and Commerce

  3. History, Culture and Social Sciences

  4. Gastronomy and Hospitality

  5. Integration and school spirit

  6. Engineering and manufacturing


Julian Nader

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Academic Travel Manager

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