We aim to meet academic goals through experiential experiences, where the journey becomes the How? and not in the end, being at the same time a pedagogical tool for the teacher who seeks to provide better academic experiences to his students. 


Your subject happens on the field, not inside the classroom, reach your academic goals through experiential activities that lead to significative learning. Traveling with students leads not only to better teaching, but also to better learning environments.

We team up with teachers, taking care of logistics so they can take care of teaching.
We suggest learning sites and activities to complement the teaching objectives and ensure an effective learning experience

Universidad Autónoma de Mexico - UNAM Iconic Building
Anthropology Museum Mexico City
Global Business in Veracruz

More then 20 years of experience and over 30,000 students served make us one of the forerunners of educational experiences in Mexico.





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Intimate knowledge of the country from the education stand point afford us the opportunity of suggesting sites and visits for every level and every field of study.

School practices in:

  • Middle School

  • High School

  • University

Academic trip categories:

  1. Biology and Earth Sciences

  2. Business and Commerce

  3. History, Culture and Social Sciences

  4. Gastronomy and Hospitality

  5. Integration and school spirit

  6. Engineering and manufacturing

1.Biology and Earth Sciences

As one of the 5 most mega-diverse countries in the world, Mexico has more than plenty opportunities to show students what fieldwork is in the real world, helping the future researchers and scientists in the most diverse fields of Earth Sciences, Biology, Geography, Chemistry and others have a fertile field to cultivate young minds.

For instance, our pre-designed Biology programs to Veracruz, features up to 12 ecosystems in 4 days, while our Oaxaca program features experiencing turtle egg-laying in the beach that receives the largest number of turtles in the world, hosting up to 200,000 females in one night.


2.Business and Commerce

Business degrees are distinct and varied, often times, students want to be sure of what field of business they want to specialize in, having real-world experiences through travel and visits where they can interact with successful professionals in each field of study helps them imagine their career as professionals and make sure that they are passionate about their future, that certainty is invaluable as they start their venture into the rest of their lives.

Our specialty, Global Business, is one of the most popular and sought-after fields of study today, these experiences help align the student’s expectations to the reality of international commerce as we go into ports and logistic companies, talk to brokers, export and logistic companies and entrepreneurs in the place where they work, even accessing restricted areas in customs and fiscal venues.


3.History, Culture and Social Sciences

With close to 4,000 years of history, Mexico is equipped like no other country with opportunities to contrast the different stages of human development, from migrant communities to pre-Hispanic civilizations and from Colonial to modern history, there is always something exciting to see and someone interesting to meet, as we weave through the social and cultural diversity that is this great country.

A typical trip may include, within 4 to 5 days, visits to archeological sites, tours through World-Heritage colonial cities and once-in-a-lifetime experiences in indigenous communities, many of which preserve one of the over 70 languages that are spoken in Mexico today.


4.Gastronomy and Hospitality

Mexico is known for one of the best service standards in the world, as “mi casa es su casa” is not just a saying, but a way of life; we will just not have our guests leaving without having a great experience, perhaps that is why Mexican cuisine has been named World Heritage by UNESCO and one of the 3 most varied in the world, which means that the opportunities to experience the flavors and techniques of traditional to high-end gastronomy. Learn to make mole from a traditional “mayora” in a little indigenous town, or learn about Tequila from a World-renowned Master Tequilier, it can all be done within a few hours of travel, the possibilities are endless.

Our trips can include activities for any budget and any segment of the hospitality industry, from a taco and cantina learning experience to practice on a traditional chinampa which harvests produce in the ancestral manner, and from practicing in world-class hotels to learning about the meeting and event industry, our vast web of contacts can tailor experiences to a myriad of learning interests.


5.Integration and school spirit

Now, more than ever, human connection is paramount in the formation of successful professionals, and soft-skill development is an invaluable tool to achieve it. At the same time, allowing for great relationships among diverse students and teachers, is the formula for achieving school loyalty and spirit, which leads for stronger retention and recruiting rates and thus, stronger student-bodies.

We have built a multi-discipline team that includes psychologists, pedagogues and experience designers to come up with a program that strengthens specific soft-skill competencies, like communication, leadership or team building. These programs can last for days or weeks, depending on the goals and requirements of the lead institution.


6.Engineering and manufacturing

As one of the 15 largest economies in the world, Mexico has a very strong primary and secondary sectors and is a hub for technology for Latin America, hosting a wide array of industries, research and development centers and large scale factories eager to receive our student groups and share the knowledge for solving some of the world’s most pressing matters.

For example, Mexico is one of the top automotive manufacturers in the world, with some of the largest and most advanced facilities in the world, being in the forefront in technologies related to robotics, artificial intelligence and emission reduction, all of which we can witness first-hand taking advantage of our visit management acumen.


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