About Us

We are a Full service DMC (Destination Management Company) dedicated to group experiences from 15 to 8.000 people in its 3 business divisions: Meetings (MICE), Design by DMS (Cultural and Religious Groups) and Experiencias Académicas by DMS (Academic).

DMS México is a family owned and run company founded by one of the pillars of the industry in Mexico more than 40 years ago, Jorge Alvarez.

His legacy has continued well over his passing and the same values and service level are upheld to this day:

  • Impeccability

  • Passion for our business

  •  Provide unique experiences

  • Honesty

  • Deliver success

  • 24-hours response policy

Why Us?



WE LISTEN carefully to what you have to say.  WE CARE  so Your goals become ours. WE KNOW who, we know how and we know where to produce a spectacular program. 


The performance in our 3 divisions: Meetings, Design by DMS and Experiencias Académicas by DMS (Academic) afford us ample knowledge of the entire Mexican Republic which is why we can truly suggest and produce programs throughout the country, from big city and beach destinations, to the quaint little corners of Mexico that most Mexicans don’t know.


Our Executive Team

Eric Alvarez Taylor - DMS de Mexico
Eric Alvarez Taylor
Founder, CEO & Head of Meetings  Division 

He has a degree in Marketing from the instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, He was president of the PCMA Mexico Chapter of AMDEMAC (National Association of DMCs) and member of the Mexico City Meetings Association (ATR),. where he has shown his leadership and prestige in the industry.


Founder of Viajes Académicos in 2001. With more than 10 years of experience in Meeting tourism; working with different types of groups, has given him the opportunity to know a lot of places in the country, from main destinations to small and beautiful villages that most Mexicans do not know.

This intimate knowledge of the country has given Eric the opportunity to be a tourism expert of Grupo ACIR, one of the most important radio stations in the country, where he has even had a weekly segment where he gives people ideas of places to experience in the country.

His goal is to be one of the pillars in the Mexican meeting tourism industry and have the opportunity to teach the country to the greatest number of people possible, touching their lives with experiences they will not forget.

Karen Alvarez - DMS de
Karen Alvarez
Co Founder, CFO & Head of Design by DMS - Cultural Groups Division

Karen was born in Canada and was married to Jorge until his passing. She is now a proud Mexican with over 40 years experience in the cultural tourism industry.

She is one of the foremost experts in international pilgrimages in Mexico and her outstanding knowledge of the country helps her get what no other provider can. Karen has produced some of the most spectacular and memorable itineraries for high demanding clientele.

Guillermo memo Hernández - DMS de Mexico
Guillermo "Memo" Hernandez 
Director of Operations

Having worked with DMS Mexico for over 30 years, Memo is an integral part of the family but –hands down- he is the best coordinator in the country and one of the best in the world in words of our clients.

He has excelled at coordinating groups of up to 8,000 participants in diverse destinations in the country. 

Tania Ruiz - DMS de Mexico
Tania Ruiz
Meetings Business Relationship Manager

While and after graduating from the Blue Mountains International Hotel School in Australia, Tania worked for some of the best-known hospitality companies such as Starwood and Hyatt in the areas of event planning and operation. Now as part of the DMS Mexico family, she makes sure that our Meetings experiences become a reality though the analysis of objectives, destinations and suppliers.

Foto Adrian.jpg
Adrián Miralrio
Academic experiences Manager
Gus White 10-12-2018.jpg
Gustavo White
Marketing Manager

He has an international degree in Tourism from the Universidad Tecnológica de México. Along his professional path, Adrian has experienced in his own flesh many of the branches of the Tourism Industry; mainly Hospitality, which was the most important into his professional development during his internship in Grupo Hotelero Santa Fé, where he collaborated in different divisions such as Sales, Banqueting and Food & Beverage.

On the other hand, he had an important phase in the Digital Tourism Marketing branch working as editor and publisher into the digital tourism magazine “El Souvenir”, where he published approximately 50 articles about tourism and gastronomy targeted to give dissemination to the historical, cultural, and natural patrimony of Mexico and the world.

Adrian defines himself as a person who enjoys the lessons received through every single life challenge; he tries to keep a mindset that allows him to find more solutions than problems. His personal passions are the music, the art, the plans that go as planned and the Mixed Martial Arts.

He holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), with a postgraduate degree in Strategic Marketing graduated in 1993, He has more than 20 years of experience in business development and Marketing in various businesses such as technology, services and consulting in Mexico and in Latin America, in addition to being an expert in Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

He is a CrossFit Master Athlete, a  Personal Trainer and a Fitness Fan.

​His current target is tied with DMS Mexico to create meaningful experiences with customers and a significant commercial development. 


What is a DMC?

The SECTUR (Secretary of Tourism of Mexico) defines a DMC as a professional service company, with a wide knowledge and experience of the conditions and tourist resources of a region, specializing in both the design and the realization of events, routes, circuits and all kinds of activities of great demand in segments and/or niches of high value market.