Why Us?

From the moment you consider Mexico as your destination, you can count on us for your every need.

The very fact that we have been around for over 40 years speaks of the quality of our service which is based on our intimate knowledge of the country and a local support team in each of its destinations that help us to ensure the best service anywhere in the nation. 

About Mexico City

Our capital city has undergone massive revamping of the tourism areas in the past years which has made it the number one tourist destination in the country and in the World –just ask the folks of the New York Times-.


It is the only city in the World that has 4 separate World Heritage Sites within city limits and its accommodation, meeting and congress/convention infrastructure, restaurant tradition, diversity and wealth of venues make it one of the greatest destinations for the Meetings Industry in the World.


  • Mexico City is one of the best cities in the World for dining according to a Forbes survey.

  • It has over 23 million people, so it is one of the largest in the World but it is also the most watched over as it has more than 11,000 safety cameras throughout.

  • It has more museums than any other in the World.

  • It has the largest urban park in the World, the third largest open square and the only real castle in the Americas.

  • No hurricanes to worry about!

  • With a strong presence in Mexico City, you can also count on us all over the country.


  • Almost 50,000 rooms in the city.

  • 3 privately owned convention centers.

  • Over 16 historic venues for events.

  • It has the best airlift in the country with more than 180 flights from the US and Canada only everyday.

  • 90% of the country´s performance artists live in Mexico City.

  • Amazing array of activities and tours from traditional, like “trajinera” rides in Xochimilco to exclusive like cooking demos with renowned chefs.

What We Do?

With over 40 years' since its creation, DMS de Mexico is the DMC with the most experience and prestige in the country.


We are the only true full service DMC with the best connections in Mexico!


Our specialty? To provide mind blowing destination experiences for the high demanding meeting and travel planner. We are always up for a challenge!

How we do it? WE LISTEN carefully to what you have to say. WE CARE so Your goals become ours. WE KNOW who, we know how and we know where To produce a spectacular program. 


The performance in our 3 divisions: Meetings, Design by DMS and Experiencias Académicas by DMS (Academic) afford us ample knowledge of the entire Mexican Republic which is why we can truly suggest and produce programs throughout the country, from big city and beach destinations, to the quaint little corners of Mexico that most Mexicans don’t know.

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How we Work?

We are based in Mexico City, the largest and most complex destination in the country,  from where we plan itineraries throughout the country.


Here you will find the most professional team of experts in each the different types of programs, who will be your main contact and that will be able to ensure the same quality of service regardless of the destinations that you touch.


We also have local staff in each of the destinations. This will give you access to all the local knowledge you require.


What is a DMC?

The SECTUR (Secretary of Tourism of Mexico) defines a DMC as a professional service company, with a wide knowledge and experience of the conditions and tourist resources of a region, specializing in both the design and the realization of events, routes, circuits and all kinds of activities of great demand in segments and/or niches of high value market.

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