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NEWSLETTER No.11 - May 2021 

We are very proud to present the 9th edition of our newsletter with which we intend to keep you updated about the most relevant news from Mexico and our tourism industry.


Fam Trip Part 1

The first familiarization trip with our partner ETS, the major faith-based travel company in the USA.  


This itinerary not only focused on the amazing religious and cultural heritage of Mexico City and surrounding states. It was the perfect chance for American travel agents to understand and test the COVID-19 protocols that are being implemented throughout the city.  

The trip started with a visit to Teotihuacan, the most visited archeological site and the most mysterious as well as only 5% of it has been studied. Although no visit to the pyramids is complete until a pre-Hispanic shaman purifies your vibe through a short ritual composed of music and dancing, we did not forget to ask participants to wear a mask. 

However, the most important visit was to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe where again, following all health protocols, participants could enjoy the peace and calm that only the Mother of God can give. The shrine grounds are usually filled with pilgrims from all around Mexico and the World that come to thank Our Lady of Guadalupe for all her favors. 


The participants also had the chance to visit the historic downtown, important not only because here we can find the beautiful Metropolitan Cathedral which is the most important church in the country just right after the Guadalupe shrine, but also because the surplus of history told about this area through the surreal mix of architectural styles, from pre-Hispanic constructions that have been found underneath the majestic colonial palaces to the French-styled buildings and modern constructions that today house restaurants, stores, galleries, and museums.


To be continued…. 











Fam Trip Part  2


As Mexico City re-opens and starts welcoming its first international visitors, we had the pleasure of showcasing the best of the city to our guests. By mixing religious and cultural highlights, our guests were able to visit iconic churches that are absolute favorites of all pilgrims due to their beauty and significance but also to learn interesting facts about Mexico City and its very different districts.


Visits included a market tour in which participants were able to have a closer look and even try local produce and exotic meats, chilis, and even insects that our ancestors used to consume on their daily diet. 


Walking around Coyoacan was also needed since this borough is the closet to how a traditional Mexican town looked throughout colonial times, with its colorful casonas, ancient trees, and peaceful ambiance, this district has become the preferred spot for Mexican artists and intellectuals, the best example is that here we can find the house where Frida Kahlo was born and died. 


Another highlight of the trip was Xochimilco, a living archeological site that showcases the technological development of the pre-Hispanic civilizations. Built on top of a lake, just like the historic downtown, Xochimilco is formed by a vast number of man-made islands which later on were used to cultivate a vast variety of vegetables and fruits. Today, these islands, better known as chinampas, are used for both growing some of the most valued organic ingredients and residence purposes. 

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