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Mexico City is the destination to visit in 2019 according to National Geographic

The attributes of the Mexican capital

Every corner of our country is a proof that we are in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and Mexico City witnesses this, recently becoming recognized by the National Geographic publication as the number 1 city to visit in 2019 , standing out in a list of 28 cities around the world.

For the publication, "Mexico City has with it the original flavors, where corn is king", thus highlights the capital of the country and justifies why it should be visited this 2019.

It seems that this is the engine of the charm of a city as dynamic as Mexico City, where in one place we will find the best gastronomy, the most representative historical monuments of national history, museums, first-class shows and other activities with more than 22 million people in constant motion.

The new treatment of traditional local flavors, as well as those of indigenous maize heritage, are the gastronomic focus that every tourist should know according to the section of the National Geographic publication, where it stands outto recognized places that have given a new vision to maize, such as 'Pujol' with its tamales and roasted corns; it also lists the organic tortillerías Cintli and Masala y Maíz, of which the fusion of culinary traditions stands out.

In its full report on Mexico City, the publication makes a solid immersion in the importance of corn to Mexican culture, its origins, its preparation and how this food has evolved to become a pillar of today's gastronomy.


Not only does National Geographic endorse Mexico City as the best city to visit in 2019. A few months ago the Lonely Planet guide, one of the most important in the world of tourism, also included it in its list of cities to visit this year.

Recognitions for the country's capital continue after in 2018 it was also considered the World Design Capital.


​Here are some reasons why you should visit Mexico City at least once in your life:


It has a rich arts scene

The artistic side of Mexico City is very well developed. Art has been constantly on the rise for years. Currently, some of the best contemporary galleries in the city are located in the central district of Roma and, to a lesser extent, in the districts of Condesa.

But if you go further you will also be rewarded with great finds. Such as the architecture of San Miguel de Chapultepec and the former refuge of Frida Kahlo in Coyoacán. Don't forget street art either!

Gastronomy is among the best in the world

Asia is considered to have the best street food in the world. But the street supply in Mexico City is not left behind. With tacos, tlacoyos and tamales, you could spend a lifetime exploring the flavors of the capital. However, don't forget the excellent gourmet restaurants. Mexico City has some of the best restaurants in the world, such as the aforementioned Pujol and Padella.

It will change your opinion about Mexico

If you're from the United States or Europe, your opinion of Mexico is safe to be influenced by dangerous political rhetoric that often focuses on the northern border states of the country and the current war on drugs.However, a visit to Mexico City will change your perspective on what life is really like in the city and give you the opportunity to see how amazing it can be. While there are still dangers, as there are in any capital, the good far outweighs the bad.

There are enough museums to keep you busy throughout the trip

We have mentioned art, but museums are definitely worth considering apart.  There are more than 150 of them. Mexico City is the capital with the most museums in the world. They range from the famous (such as the National Museum of Anthropology) to the most unknown (such as the Museo del Carmen, which houses real-life mummies). The truth is, you'll never get bored in Mexico City.

The city is more diverse than it looks

Most people know that the center is largely dominated by the expansion of the Chapultepec Forest. But few people realize that there are actually many national parks within the boundaries of Mexico City. These will allow you to leave the crowded and unpleasant tourist route. You can walk in the Ajusco, explore the little-visited attractions in the Dedierto de los Leones or relax in Los Dinamos.

You'll enjoy top-notch lodging

If you thought to come to Mexico City you had to stay in a hostel, you think wrong. Stylish hotels are growing in popularity in the Mexican capital. Driven by the tourism boom, areas such as Polanco, Roma and Condesa are full of luxury accommodation and boutique options.

There are also more distant options in Coyoacán, Santa Fe and even in the Zocalo (old historic center). That's not to say that the hostels in Mexico City are bad! In fact, some of them are excellent.

Incredible archaeological sites

If you like history and want to experience it in an environment other than a museum, then Mexico City is the place for you. It is surrounded by some of the most important Aztec, Toltec and Mesoamerican ruins in the country. Like the fantastic Teotihuacán, the imposing sculptures of Tula and Hidalgo. All of these places are easily accessible and are world-renowned sites.

Mexico City is an excellent starting point for other excursions

If you're not so interested in the pyramids (we doubt it), Mexico City is the perfect starting point for several day trips. You can go down to Taxco, Guerrero if what you like are the ancient colonial villages. You can also climb a mountain in the state capital of Mexico, Toluca. Another alternative is to escape to Querétaro or descend to Puebla and Cholula, the city that has a church on every corner.

Sources: Adapted from articles from:  www.forbes.com.mx,  polemon.mx and https://padondenosvamos.com/razones-visitar-ciudad-mexico


Mexico, an archaeological paradise

In the territory that is now known as Mexico, hundreds of nations, civilizations and cultures emerged before the arrival of the Europeans. Today we have a testimony of them through the mysterious ruins of their impressive cities. A stone legacy. From the Olmecs to the Mexicans, we can know the lifestyle, social hierarchy, customs, beliefs and many more things about our ancestors thanks to the remains of their civilizations.

Mexico has more than 2,000 registered archaeological sites in its territory; about 200 are open to the public. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the INAH (the National Institute of Anthropology and History) has done an arduous job of recovering these ruins and turning them into archaeological areas that you can't miss out on in Mexico.

According to data from the same INAH, these are the 5 most visited archaeological zones in Mexico:


1.- Teotihuacan, Edo. Mexico. Undoubtedly the most imposing of all the ancient cities is Teotihuacan. We know very little about the mysterious civilization that built and inhabited this urban center that became home to about 200 thousand people. However, it is enough to stand in front of the Pyramid of the Sun to be captivated by the vision and the effort it represents.


2.- Chichen Itza, Yucatan.  The last major capital of the Maya is the main tourist attraction of the state of Yucatan and the favorite for foreigners visiting our country. The Pyramid of Kukulcán is a testament to the extensive astronomical knowledge of the Maya and the spectacle of the descent of the feathered snake during the equinox is incomparable.


3.- Tulum, Quintana Roo.  This city stands out for combining the fascinating architecture and visual aesthetics of the Maya with an unbeatable setting: the beaches of the Caribbean Sea. Located on top of a hill facing the sea, the original name of this place was Zamá (dawn) and was still inhabited during the early years of the colony.


4.- Cholula, Puebla.  Cholollan, as this city was known, experienced different cycles of prosperity and decline in pre-Hispanic times. As an important Toltec city, it became an important ally of the Mexica Empire. The Tláloc Temple, one of the largest pyramids in the world, dominates the panorama.

5.- Palenque, Chiapas.  In this ancient Mayan city in the middle of the jungle ruled some of the most famous sovereigns of this civilization. Currently, Palenque is an extensive archaeological area in Chiapas, encompassing 2.5 km2 of temples, palaces, ball courts and authentic Mayan dwellings that visitors love.


The archaeological sites of Mexico are one of the most interesting in the world. Explore Mexico's cultural richness and past! Our Special Interest Groups Division can guide you on this type of group trip. (Visit Us: https://www.dmsmexico-specialinterest.com/)

Sources: www.mexicodesconocido.com.mx/descubre-destinos/zonas-arqueologicas, México, un paraíso arqueológico  Paradigma Noticias – info del INAH, y  www.cityexpress.com/


The academic experiences

Today it is a challenge for educational institutions to keep young people interested in their education. That's why we are increasingly looking for more and better tools to achieve this goal. 

Beyond a simple distraction or fun, student trips bring great benefits for students, because through them, they can live new experiences, learn, take physical contact with what they learned in the classroom, enrich their culture, take direct contact with companies that are subject matter of their career in the case of university students, make use of the language they learned and all this under the correct supervision of their teachers and the coordinators of a dedicated company.

Traveling with your students is the best tool you can have as you can easily achieve all those meaningful learnings so hard to achieve within a classroom, plus it gives students that experience they need to go out into the world of work, a better environment is achieved among the students and even with the teachers themselves.

The experience is enhanced when students have the opportunity to leave home in the company of their schoolmates.


Among the benefits of study travel:


New experiences are acquired

Being away from home, younger youth can develop a greater sense  of responsibility and maturity, because despite having the supervision of their teachers, their parents are not there to care for them and give them everything they ask. They will learn how to manage their money, take care of their belongings and take care of their personal hygiene, as well as learn from other cultures, try new styles of food and engage in conversations with other students, which will help them practice their bilingualism.


​They're productive

Unlike conventional classes interacting directly with the object of learning is an experience that is hardly forgotten. During school trips, students have the ease of attending museums, tours, seminars, conferences and conferences, visiting companies and all this allows them to open their academic horizons and realize that there are endless opportunities for them. You may find the inspiration and motivation you needed to be a better student or choose a career.

​Viajes Académicos is one of the 3 divisions of DMS de México and we are a company formed in 2001 that is dedicated exclusively to supporting academic institutions in the task of procuring meaningful learning through travel experiences both in Mexico and abroad.


In the first half of 2019, the Meetings division of DMS de México designed and coordinated services at a number of events for major international companies held in and around Mexico City. 

A Celebration of Mexico

DMS de México collaborated with an world-known law firm to immerse our 250 international guests in Mexican culture through 3 different events.


For the first one, we brought a very well-known artisan from the neighboring State of Mexico and who belongs to the family that first created the famous Trees of Life. He designed a clay puzzle exclusively for our client. Each peace was hand-painted by one of the participants – at the end, a beautiful mural was formed.

The next night we were in charge of the entertainment which also functioned as decoration. A digital artist was in charge to draw right there to the beat of a DJ, a digital graffiti which depicted the global reach of our client. This was projected in real time in different areas of the event venue.

The final dinner was completely Mexican! We sourced a banquet room in one of the best-known restaurants in the City to which we gave a Mexican sky! To give a very enthusiastic welcome to our participants who spent three very productive but exhausting days, we invited some artisans who master different arts & crafts from around Mexico so we set up a mini craft market just for them.

Entertainment was also on us so a completely traditional show was off the table! Why not combine traditional Mexican dances with some acrobatics?

The customer made this comment about our services:

"Tania represented what a DMC partner should be.  She made our lives so much easier; helped us navigate so many elements of orchestrating a program in Mexico City from the US; served as an intermediator with the hotel on our event set up and showcased Mexican culture very well to our guests coming from the US and Europe.   She never said no to any request we made, no matter what time of day or night, she just made it happen.  She was efficient, pleasant, and accurate and a good partner for us in Mexico."

Event with a Brazilian Partner

We worked along our Brazilian partner to produce an experience that would let our client change their perception of Mexico City through showing them all the culture and fun that this business hub has to offer.


The arrival night we took them to one of the restaurants with some of the best Mexican food in town! They could sing and dance along the rhythm of Mariachis!

On the first day of our program we show them the most prestigious museum of the country along with

a nice warm up walk along Reforma avenue which was particularly beautiful due to the flowers in bloom and the squirrels that came to greet our guests.

That night we enjoyed of a private visit after hours to the Templo Mayor, part of the ruins of the magnificent city of Tenochtitlan – the Aztec capital, we could fully explore this museum that opened just for us. This experience was followed by a dinner with a view of the ruins from above.


The next day, we departed early to enjoy a visit to a gourmet market in the downtown area – in here, participants learnt a lot a about Mexican gastronomy, but they also had the chance to eat local delicacies like ants, crickets and even scorpions! They learn how tortillas are made and even tried chilies and sauces.


lNext, we took them to a local gastronomy school where they became chefs for a couple of hours and enjoyed what they prepared in a beautiful French-style terrace. Later on, they had some drinks at the luchas (Mexican wrestling).

Early next morning, the whole group woke up early to enjoy a private hot air balloon flight over the Teotihuacan pyramids to later on, continue for a tour of this archeological zone, which is the most visited of the country.


In the meantime, we were preparing our group’s very own cave for a lunch with a pre-Hispanic touch. Local dancers welcomed our guests with the sounds of seashells and drums. 

(Visit Us: https://www.dmsmexico.com/meetings)


DMS de México is very active in the meeting industry whose CEO, Mr. Eric Alvarez,  functions currently and additionally as President of the National DMC Association (AMDEMAC), past president of the Mexico chapter of PCMA, on the board of the Mexico City Meeting Association (ATR) and the Mexican Commitee of Meetings Industry (COMIR).

On Thursday, March 14th, Eric Alvarez, our CEO and member of the Mexico City Meetings Tourism Association (ATR) participated in the working breakfast of this organization: "Present and Future of the Meeting Industry in Mexico City" which was attended by Carlos Mckinley Grohmann - Secretary of Tourism - and Paola Féliz Díaz – General Director of the Mexico City Joint Tourism Promotion Fund. In this event that had a strong turnout, initiatives and projects were presented, a very important activity to joint efforts to make the meetings industry grow exponentially in Mexico City.

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