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NEWSLETTER No.11 - August 2021 

We are very proud to present the 11th edition of our newsletter with which we intend to keep you updated about the most relevant news from Mexico and our tourism industry.

Chronicles of a Group Trip in Mexico City

Usually, when you hear "Mexico", it is normal for a wide variety of things to come to your head: Culture, history, gastronomy, folklore ... and on many occasions ... party!


And precisely for this reason, Jorge Vargas, who came to celebrate his 40th birthday along with his 35 friends from the United Statest by the end of July, gave us the opportunity to surprise them with our proposal for their celebration through Mexico, and we simply couldn't let him down!

During our first day of adventure together with Jorge and his friends, we went through what is recognized as the first archaeological zone in Mexico, Teotihuacan:

"The place where the gods were made", where Mesoamerican architecture reflected in its monumental pyramids and temples in together with the great history of each of its corners, it’s more than enough to leave visitors speechless.

The next day, 2 other places full of Mexican culture awaited our travelers, these were the National Museum of Anthropology and History and the Frida Kahlo Museum, which were useful to give the group a perspective regarding the great folkloric, artistic, and historical value that one can find in our country. However, we do not forget that Jorge and his friends came to celebrate ... so after the museums we headed to Xochimilco!

Once at our destination, the group had a tasting of the famous Mexican cuisine while enjoying a traditional tour of the Xochimilco canals aboard the site's characteristic and colorful gondolas better known as “Trajineras”. To end the day, the group took a covid test, because helping our clients to celebrate in Mexico has a great value for us, but the protocols to protect them are even more important!


And for the last day, after a sightseeing tour through various of our monuments and important buildings in the Reforma and Polanco areas, a great challenge in a very interesting place in Mexico City awaited Jorge and his friends, an experience that mainly it would help them to understand with their own senses the way in which our ancestors made up a large part of their diets… through the ingestion of insects!

Throughout the tour of the famous Gourmet Market of San Juan Ernesto Pugibet, the members of the group had the opportunity to walk the halls of an authentic Mexican market, where in addition to being able to appreciate the visual spectacle that is to see the typical aisles full of fruits and fresh vegetables, different chilies and traditional spices, in the same way they were able to observe the way in which exotic proteins such as lion, crocodile, armadillo and wild boar are offered to the public.


And of course, we cannot leave behind the aforementioned insects, of which Jorge and his friends tasted the flavors and textures of grasshoppers, different types of worms, spiders, ants ... and even scorpions!, obviously that isn’t something that they could do easily by their own, so we made sure that they were well accompanied by a good mezcal to boost courage.


Finally, the day ended with a peaceful and cultural walking tour through our historic downtown “El Zócalo”, where Jorge and his friends were delighted with the great mix of architectures of the site while visiting and listening to the history of places with an enormous cultural value such as our Metropolitan Cathedral and our Constitution Square.

Here's the comment from Hohn Ibsen, a participant of this group:

"I wanted to thank DMS for their phenomenal tour for our friend, Jorge. We had about 35 friends join us and Josè and Adrian were fantastic tour guides! We saw a beautiful side of Mexico and Mexico City that none of us gringos knew existed. The culture, history and art were exceptional. Josè took us to see authentic Mexico where locals went to enjoy life and food. From the piramides de Teotihuacan to the museum of Anthropology, it was an incredibly fun and enjoyable time. And Josè and Adrian were knowledgeable, fun and helpful tour guides! Thank you DMS for making our trip positively memorable and so much fun!".

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Published by DMS Mexico 2021

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