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NEWSLETTER No.6 - August  2020 

We are very proud to launch our sixth newsletter where we intend to keep you informed of relevant news about DMS Mexico and the industry.


Cities in Orange Phase, the Protocols and the role of DMS Mexico

The COVID-19 Phase in Mexico consists of four parameters agreed between the federal government and state governments, which indicate which entities are improving in reducing contagion and which could return to the new normality.

Since June 29th, Mexico City has been in Orange Phase which allows, in addition to the essential economic activities, companies of non-essential economic activities to work with 30% of the staff for their operation.In this way, according to the evolution of the pandemic,it will gradually return to the new normality.

In March, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemia in Mexico, DMS Mexico designed a protocol to implement for the prevention of contagion and reaction in the event of detection of symptoms consistent with respiratory illness during handling of our groups in Mexico. Should you be interested in this information, please check our COVID-19 Situation microsite and our Protocol:

We have also designed Protocols that cover:

☑️ Pre-event protocol with client
☑️ Transmissible diseases
☑️ Venue evacuation
☑️ Fire
☑️ Flooding
☑️ Gender violence
☑️ Physical safety (drug related violence, suspicious packages, terrorism, street violence, etc.)
In vehicle safety
☑️ Missing participant
☑️ Political demonstrations (that affect logistics)
☑️ We also have set in place (and signed with authorities in some cases) policies against human trafficking, child labor and sexual tourism.

With over 40 years' experience in the industry, DMS Mexico is the DMC with the most experience and prestige in Mexico City.

The very fact that we have been around for over 40 years speaks of the quality of our service which is based on our intimate knowledge of the country and a local support team in each of its destinations that help us to ensure the best service anywhere in the nation.

Since the end of this crisis seems near, we hope that we may soon resume together the joy of traveling and collecting memories that make our lives unique.

#KeepingYouSafe   #REUNITE    #DMSMEXICO

Travel + Leisure - Top 25 Cities to travel 2020 

The Top 5 Cities in Mexico

This year’s World’s Best Awards survey closed on March 2, just before widespread stay-at-home orders were implemented as a result of COVID-19. The results reflect their readers’ experiences before the pandemic, but  hope that this year’s honorees will inspire your trips to come — whenever they may be.

Here’s the thing: a ranking of Mexico’s cities should only serve as a helpful tool to prioritize, because every single town on this list is a must-visit. When it comes to exploring our southern neighbor’s biggest hot spots, there are no wrong answers — only right choices for your particular mood.

Every year for our World’s Best Awards survey, Travel + Leisure asks readers to weigh in on travel experiences around the globe — to share their opinions on the top cities, islands, cruise ships, spas, airlines, and more. Readers rated cities on their sights and landmarks, culture, cuisine, friendliness, shopping, and overall value.

This year’s list of the best cities in Mexico is a collection of cosmopolitan hits. At. No. 5, there’s Mexico’s own Silicon Valley, Guadalajara, where tech start-ups and contemporary architecture mingle with artists and craftspeople working to carry on the region’s cultural legacy. In No. 4 Mérida, the beating heart of the Yucatán, sisal plantations once financed an empire with more millionaires than any city on earth in the late 1800s. The ugly system of exploitation and indentured servitude - and the hacienda families who perpetuated it — finally fell after the Mexican Revolution in the 1900s, but today it’s left Mérida with one of the most extensive and remarkable historic districts in the Americas, rivaled only by those of Havana and Mexico City.

Speaking of CDMX - the selling points of this year’s No. 3 are well-documented, but suffice it to say you could spend a lifetime getting to know its cuisine and art and millennia of history and barely scratch the surface of all there is to discover in the sprawling capital. Coming in at second place is a previous all-around champ: San Miguel de Allende. Twice voted the best city in the world by T+L readers, it’s a perennial favorite for its quiet charm and vibrant art scene.

Ahead, find the full list of the best cities in Mexico, including this year’s No. 1 pick, culinary heavyweight Oaxaca.

#1 Oaxaca

Any place where an array of cultures have left their mark is bound to be interesting. Nowhere in Mexico is that more acutely felt than in Oaxaca, where you can still see the fingerprints of the Mixtec and Zapotec, the Aztec and the Spanish, as well as the countless merchants from around the globe who ventured to the region in its wealthiest heyday. One reader noted the city’s “amazing gastronomy,” and indeed, the food alone is reason to go. Oaxaca is known for its seven moles, but in truth there are infinite variations, many of which rely on ingredients that can’t be found elsewhere. The number of delicious masa-based antojitos you can encounter is dizzying: memelas and tetelas and tlayudas, served with spoonfuls of salsa laced with the bright, peppery hoja santa leaves native to the region. The more artistically inclined can delve deep into the many crafts still flourishing here. Potters sculpt vessels with local clay and paint them with ground mineral paints; weavers soak skeins of yarn in dye made from cochineal bugs; and artists carve alebrijes by hand from copal wood and paint them with intricate designs. “One of the most delightful cities I’ve ever visited,” one reader wrote. Another raved, “warm, friendly folks, lots of great food, and oh so reasonable.” But visiting is the only way to find out for yourself how this charming city stacks up.

#2 San Miguel de Allende

#3 Mexico City

#4 Mérida,Yucatán

#5 Guadalajara

Source: 2020

Mexico City attractiveness 

Neighborhood Experience - Gastronomy in Mexico City 

Turismo de Barrio (Neighborhood Experience) is an institutional, integral and innovative action designed by Tourism Ministry of Mexico City highlighting and taking advantage of the little-known natural and cultural values and attributes of the city's mayors that allow our tourists to know the natural and cultural past and present wealth,

Who doesn't know that love starts with the stomach?

In these experiences the protagonists are the typical dishes of the city: as is the famous mole of San Pedro Atocpan or r the Mixmole, a dish originating from the lake area of the City of Mexico.

Get to know, prepare, taste and enjoy!

FLAVORS WITH HISTORY - SAN PEDRO ATOCPAN: Explore San Pedro Atocpan, one of the most important gastronomic towns internationally in the manufacture of mole, knows through its cobbled streets full of history, legends and architecture. Live the experience and taste the the authentic taste of the artisan mole.


MILPA ALTA MOUNTAIN FLAVORS: Explore Milpa Alta, one of the largest producers of nopal, has known since its harvest until it's commercialized. Live the experience and taste the great gastronomic variety that the nopal offers.

XOCHIMILCO CHINAMPA FLAVORS: Explore the Xochimilco canals in the Area of the Cuemanco Ecological Reserve, through the chinampas and its history, the function of its system, enjoys the landscape and the varied local cuisine.

“TAQUIZAS” WITH HISTORY: Enjoy a traditional “Taquiza” (variety of "Tacos") in the countryside, surrounded by nature in the lands of The General Emiliano Zapata; Explore the flavors of the mountain accompanied by its legends and magic-filled runs.

RANCH CHEESE EXPERIENCE APAMPILCO FARM: Get to know the process of making the ranch cheese and make yours, taste a "Chinampera” salad.

We will introduce to you more delicious dishes of the mexican gastronomy soon!

Source: Secretaría de Cultura de la Ciudad de México 2020 


In the first half of 2019, the Meetings division of DMS Mexico designed and coordinated services at a number of events for major international companies held in and around Mexico City. 

A Celebration of Mexico

DMS Mexico collaborated with an world-known law firm to immerse our 250 international guests in Mexican culture through 3 different events.

For the first one, we brought a very well-known artisan from the neighboring State of Mexico and who belongs to the family that first created the famous Trees of Life. He designed a clay puzzle exclusively for our client. Each peace was hand-painted by one of the participants – at the end, a beautiful mural was formed.

The next night we were in charge of the entertainment which also functioned as decoration. A digital artist was in charge to draw right there to the beat of a DJ, a digital

artist was in charge to draw right there to the beat of a DJ, a digital graffiti which depicted the global reach of our client. This was projected in real time in different areas of the event venue.

The final dinner was completely Mexican! We sourced a banquet room in one of the best-known restaurants in the City to which we gave a Mexican sky! To give a very enthusiastic welcome to our participants who spent three very productive but exhausting days, we invited some artisans who master different arts & crafts from around Mexico so we set up a mini craft market just for them.

Entertainment was also on us so a completely traditional show was off the table! Why not combine traditional Mexican dances with some acrobatics?

The customer made this comment about our services:

"Tania represented what a DMC partner should be.  She made our lives so much easier; helped us navigate so many elements of orchestrating a program in Mexico City from the US; served as an intermediator with the hotel on our event set up and showcased Mexican culture very well to our guests coming from the US and Europe.   She never said no to any request we made, no matter what time of day or night, she just made it happen.  She was efficient, pleasant, and accurate and a good partner for us in Mexico."

Event with a Brazilian Partner

We worked along our Brazilian partner to produce an experience that would let our client change their perception of Mexico City through showing them all the culture and fun that this business hub has to offer.

The arrival night we took them to one of the restaurants with some of the best Mexican food in town! They could sing and dance along the rhythm of Mariachis!

On the first day of our program we show them the most prestigious museum of the country along with a nice warm up walk along Reforma avenue which was particularly beautiful due to the flowers in bloom

and the squirrels that came to greet our guests.

That night we enjoyed of a private visit after hours to the Templo Mayor, part of the ruins of the magnificent city of Tenochtitlan – the Aztec capital, we could fully explore this museum that opened just for us. This experience was followed by a dinner with a view of the ruins from above.

The next day, we departed early to enjoy a visit to a gourmet market in the downtown area – in here, participants learnt a lot a about Mexican gastronomy, but they also had the chance to eat local delicacies like ants, crickets and even scorpions! They learn how tortillas are made and even tried chilies and sauces.

lNext, we took them to a local gastronomy school where they became chefs for a couple of hours and enjoyed what they prepared in a beautiful French-style terrace. Later on, they had some drinks at the luchas (Mexican wrestling).

Early next morning, the whole group woke up early to enjoy a private hot air balloon flight over the Teotihuacan pyramids to later on, continue for a tour of this archeological zone, which is the most visited of the country.


In the meantime, we were preparing our group’s very own cave for a lunch with a pre-Hispanic touch. Local dancers welcomed our guests with the sounds of seashells and drums. 

(Visit Us:


DMS Mexico is very active in the meeting industry.  Eric Alvarez, our CEO's last activities as member of Directors in PCMA, AMDEMAC and in the Mexico City Meetings Association (ATR).

On June and July Eric Alvarez participated as a panelist or moderator in multiple virtual and hybrid events directly related to the incidence of COVID-19 in the Meetings Industry:

  • On June 18th he participated in the webinar of the National College of Turismologists, Hotel and Gastronomy CDMX (Colegio Nacional de Turismólogos, Hotelería y Gastronomía CDMX) and Fematur that dealt with the topic of Meeetings Tourism in Mexico.

  • On June 25th he participated as keynote on the Virtual UNITEC Seminar about the new reality at events, graduates and future professionals from the Meeting Industry and what expectations they may have in the professional landscape.

  • On June 30th he participated in the First Virtual Forum of the Meeting Industry that integrates conferences, panels, simultaneouss, working groups, speed networking and exhibition organized by the Association of Reunion Tourism Mexico City.

  • On July 23rd The Guanajuato Tourism Secretariat, through the Coordination of Attention to Specialized Segments, brought together in a hybrid way 130 specialists in Meeting Tourism in the first "Course on trends in event operation and sanitization of venues", taught by Eric Alvarez of the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) Mexico chapter.

  • On July 26th participated as a panelist in the Event organized by the Fedeicomiso de Turismo de Los Cabos and PCMA Chapter Mexico at the Hard Rock Los Cabos.

  • On July 29th participated as moderator in the hybrid event Go Hybrid - Reconnecting Audiences organized by PSAV - Encore with participation from countries of North America and Latin America.

Published by DMS de México 2020

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