DMS de México was the first DMC in México and today, our family owned company has almost 40 years’ experience in the Meetings industry and we have helped in the design and organization of all type of of conventions and incentive experiences throughout Mexico.

When we become Your partner in Mexico, we become part of Your team so Your goals are ours and our resources become Yours.


We are the only true full service DMC with the best connections in Mexico! 


Through DMS de México you will have access to the most intimate local knowledge available which means you get to pick from very little-known venues and a vast array of off-the-beaten-path activities – some of them not available to most suppliers.


Our office is conveniently located in the heart of Mexico City and a few steps away from the best hotels in the city so once your group is in-house our team is a phone call away.


Let us take care of anything that you could need in Mexico; from transfers, multi-level staffing, highly customized and unique activities, the most creative ideas for conceptualization and perfect coordination of all-size events.   

DMS de México is very active in the meeting industry, it's CEO, Mr. Eric Alvarez, currently serves as President of the National DMC Association (AMDEMAC), is a past president of the Mexico chapter of PCMA and is on the board of the Mexico City Meeting Association (ATR). 

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