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DMS Mexico Chronicles No1 - November 2021 

We are very proud to launch our first Chronicle, where we will keep you informed of the groups and events experiences that we are organizing for our clients from November 2021.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Pilgrimage, an unforgettable religious experience.

Mexico is not only known for its richness in culture, history and art, but also for the deep faith in the catholic religion that is lived day by day, same that highlights the soul and spirit of its pilgrims.

Reason why L.P. Pilgrimages decided to celebrate a pilgrimage trip to our country with 24 participants, who were looking for experiencing the Mexican culture and above all reinforcing their catholic faith, that’s why they placed all of their trust in us to create a meaningful and valuable experience, and of course we could not fail them! 

The trip’s first stop was the Basilica of Guadalupe, where our pilgrims celebrated a private mass in the Chapel of Indians, place where the remains of Juan Diego are located, the same one who witnessed four apparitions of the Virgin of Guadalupe! After a captivating tour through the Basilica in which we were even able to appreciate up close the real image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, we headed to Teotihuacan, site where thanks to its imposing pyramids and majestic temples, it is possible to take a walk-through history.

"Mexico is not only known for its richness in culture, history and art, but also for the deep faith in the catholic religion that is lived day by day, same that highlights the soul and spirit of its pilgrims."

To end the day, we visited the Sanctuary of the Fifth Apparition Guadalupana, this sanctuary is located where the fifth apparition of the Virgin of Guadalupe occurred, in other words, the house where Juan Diego was born and grew up with his uncle Bernardino.

Our second day began with a private mass at the Holy Family Church, famous for housing the remains of Father Miguel Agustin Pro. At the end of it, our pilgrims continued with their praises by performing mass songs, which combined perfectly with the sublime atmosphere and the church’s great acoustics. 

"Paseo de la Reforma and Plaza de las Tres Culturas surrounded by history and culture in Mexico City."

Then, in order to promote the history of our country, we had a sightseeing tour through Paseo de la Reforma to see it’s iconic monuments and important constructions for our country, all of these on the way to our next destination, the Plaza de las Tres Culturas which is also surrounded by Mexican history and culture.     

Later on, we visited the Church of Santo Domingo Guzman, which houses not only one, but two historical characters’ remains! Here it is buried Pedro de Moctezuma, one of the sons of Moctezuma II, and also the grave of the conqueror and explorer Francisco Vazquez de Coronado.

Afterwards, we visited the Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico City, which besides being recognized for its design and architecture, is also famous for having received two supreme leaders of the Catholic Church, John Paul II and Pope Francis.
To end our day, we headed to the ruins of the Templo Mayor, the main ceremonial and political center of the Gran Tenochtitlan, a place where current and pre-Hispanic Mexico are mixed and coexist in the same place.

For out third day we’re heading to Puebla! Where we visited the Chapel of the Rosary, also known as "Reliquary of America" by John Paul II, and celebrated private mass in the Temple of the Society of Jesus, where also the priest allowed us to enter the sacristy to observe the magnificent oil paintings on canvas and the set of raised chests of drawers that adorn the room.

Later, we visited the Metropolitan Cathedral of Puebla, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which houses the cenotaph of Juan de Palafox and the tombstone of Bishop Pantaleon Alvarez de Abreu. Before returning to Mexico City and ending our day, we made one last stop at the Convent Temple of San Francisco, the first convent established in Puebla and where the body of Blessed Fray Sebastian de Aparicio is found.

Last day of our pilgrimage! And we began it with a mass in the Congregation of Sisters of the Cross of the Sacred Heart of Jesus founded by Concepción Cabrera de Armida, also known as Mother Conchita. 

"Puebla, a city testimony of the Catholic faith, with the Chapel of the Rosary, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Temple of San Francisco among others were the subject of our visit."

Then we went to the "Place of the Coyotes", Coyoacan, where our pilgrims enjoyed the Church of San Juan Bautista and visited the Handicraft Market to buy all kinds of Mexican art.


After that, our next stop was Xochimilco, where we enjoyed a trip aboard the traditional trajineras through the lake, because although a pilgrimage aims to strengthen the faith, in Mexico there is always time for celebration and fun!

And for the grand finale, a farewell dinner could not be left out! For this, we visited “Guadalajara de Noche”, where we enjoyed a show full of Mexican folklore with typical Mexican dances, representations of Aztec rituals, Mexican charreria and ranchero singers accompanied by the emblematic Mariachi!

As it is a priority for us to create unforgettable experiences for our clients, we must also be responsible for their safety and that is why the health protocols were applied and the group had a COVID-19 test before our last stop.

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Published by DMS Mexico 2021

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